“We are passionate about giving back to our community with socially responsible commerce that enables businesses to start or expand their charitable giving without interruption or cost.”


SuitePay has created a way for businesses to fund charities using their credit card processing fees with a program called Commerce for a Cause. Enrolled businesses contribute to charities with each credit card transaction they generate.

Fund a Charity
With Every Sale
Your Business Makes

Giving back should be easy! With the Commerce for a Cause program, we have made it easy for businesses to increase their charitable giving in an effective and convenient manner.

As your business grows so does your charitable contribution. Customers may also share this information with others which will positively impact your business.

Make A Difference
In Your Local Or
National Community!

When you partner with Commerce for a Cause you will stand out as a business that gives back. Your customers will feel better about spending their money with a business that cares.

By participating you are creating a circle of socially responsible commerce which is beneficial to everyone involved. Consumers benefit by feeling good about how they spend their hard earned money. Your business benefits with positive press and increased giving. SuitePay benefits by growing the Commerce for a Cause portfolio. It’s a winning scenario for all parties involved.

SuitePay is a merchant services company specializing in processing credit and debit card transactions. All we ask is that you allow us to handle the processing of those transactions. We match your existing rates exactly and then we donate a portion of your fees to charity.

Setup Is Very Easy And There Is Zero Additional Cost To Your Business

Enrollment Is Easy!

If you currently accept credit and debit cards you can start donating immediately once your account is activated into the Commerce for a Cause program. SuitePay will ask you for some basic information and we will do the rest.

We promise your processing rates will be exactly the same and the activation of your new account will be easy. Our professional support staff will manage the entire process and provide exceptional customer service for the life of your account.

The Commerce For A Cause Promise

We are committed to making it easy for businesses to start or increase their charitable giving – exponentially increasing available funds for charities.

  • There is NO COST to your business.
  • We match your existing processing rates to the penny.
  • There is no out of pocket expense to enroll in the program.
  • Each month a donation is made in your business name to the charity of your choice.
  • Your business will receive a quarterly and annual statement outlining your charitable contributions.
  • Your business will be listed on the Commerce for a Cause registry of participating businesses.
  • Your business will benefit the more your customers become aware of your affiliation with Commerce for a Cause and the Charity you donate to.
  • SuitePay’s advanced and secure technology will provide the best payment services available today!

We Make It Easy To Give!
Contact Us Today!
Enrollment Is Easy!

Here Is How It Works

  • Commerce for a Cause partners with charities, organizations and other volunteers to spread the word
  • Consumers benefit from feeling good about the money they spend with businesses that give back
  • Every month, Commerce for a Cause donates a percentage of the processing fees to the charity of your choice
  • For businesses that would like to participate in the program, Commerce for a Cause matches their existing payment processing fees with ZERO ADDITIONAL COST
  • Businesses that enroll in the program receive positive public relations, social media exposure and a listing on the program registry
  • Charities benefit by exponentially growing their capital resource

How Do We Do It?

Commerce for a Cause leverages relationship capital to identify individuals and organizations that have the desire and ability to promote the program. Combine that with years of knowledge and experience in transactional processing and our desire to give something back – we strive to be the leader in socially responsible commerce.

We work with volunteers instead of sales agents to promote Commerce for a Cause. This enables us to donate those savings on behalf of our merchant partners to the charity of their choice.

Who Else Can Take Action?

Anyone and everyone can make an impact.
If you know someone that owns a business – ask them to inquire about the program at SuitePay.com.
If you are a community leader, involved in a charity or a consumer, you have the power to make a difference.
Spread the word about the Commerce for a Cause program
or contact SuitePay directly for more information on how you can help.

How To Get Started

The Commerce for a Cause support staff will make the enrollment process simple and convenient for our participating business partners. Here is how easy it is to get started…

If you are interested in more information about the Commerce for a Cause program.

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